The Balcony Orlando: What You Need to Know

Choosing where to hold your wedding venue is thrilling, yet, daunting enough when

envisioning what your big day will look like! From setting the theme to selecting

meal courses, you have to go through all the options to create your perfect day.

If you’re about to start exploring possible wedding venues, The Balcony Orlando is

worth checking on your list. The skyline offers romantic scenic spots of the city and

roaring industrial lights under the charming moonlit sky.

What you need to know about The Balcony Orlando

Situated in the middle of The Plaza Towers, the venue rises to 11 stories high with

beautiful indoor and outdoor space for couples to peruse.

You can’t miss the panoramic vistas around you as you revere your wedding day.

Amidst the high-rise buildings, you can see Lake Eola and its shimmering waters on

the east end. Meanwhile, couples are greeted with the glimmering city skyline at

dusk as they end their day with sweet nothings.

Ceremony types

The venue caters to weddings, anniversaries, and even milestone celebrations for

the family.

Venue service offerings

The Balcony Orlando provides options for destination weddings, event planning,

food and catering, rentals and equipment, and venue design.

Amenities included

The site offers outdoor and indoor space, reception area, ceremony area, personal

or dressing rooms, and wireless connections.

Packages and pricing

Couples can invite 150, 250, to 400 guests at a pricing rate of $4,500, $6,000 to

$7,500 respectively. Each package consists of a wedding and hospitality suite,

banquet and cocktail tables, venue coordinators, and more.

Outdoor space

This 10,000 square feet space is perfect for intimate rooftop events with friends and

family. Turn your wedding venue into a contemporary, yet, charming industrial-

themed corner with lush, rustic ambiance. It gives that rustic, charming look you

can find in most industrialized areas during a century ago. Edison bulbs are

everyone’s favorite designed or brushed with grainy steel.

Indoor space

The Gallery is a 6,000 square foot room akin to a contemporary loft-style space

that can accommodate 150 to 400 guests. Making use of exposed steel or artistic-

modern renditions of fixtures will give the room more personality to it. Exposed light bulbs are the rage these days, especially when it’s complemented with black steel pipes hanging about.

What’s best for the contemporary couple

There’s a certain beauty to concrete walls and floors, rustic steel, and rustic wood,

and its ability to achieve aesthetic balance. The Balcony Orlando gets its vibrancy

from inventions, engineering, and natural elements.

And, it’s no wonder why! The venue’s beauty is the amalgamation of sleek

buildings, Orange Avenue, Lake Eola, and the downtown center.

How do you define industrial warehouse and rustic décor though? It’s solid, bold,

and polished. The unfinished and rustic character paired with organic accents

makes it a flexible chic decor. But what does The Balcony Orlando offer you? It lets

you explore ideas for your theme such as rustic, warehouse, farm, coastal, bohemian, Victorian, or Mediterranean style.