The club at the Strand-Naples, Fl

Located in Naples, the club at the strand is a fantastic high-end luxury venue. The club itself offers fantastic amenities including several indoor and outdoor dining halls, a golf course, tennis, pools, and spa.

We love the club at the Strand as a wedding venue due to its luxury style and opportunities for natural lighting. Being natural light photographers we appreciate when venues have areas that allow the perfect amount of sunlight without over exposing.

The pre wedding room for the bride and bridesmaids has perfect windows for fantastic natural light. This creates several opportunities for artistic shots with perfect exposure, shadows, and silhouettes. The club at strand is where we’ve done some of our best work.

The cost for having your wedding at the club van vary depending on the services and length of time you will need. The average starting price for weddings is around $2,000. This makes the club at the strand a very practical option. It offers a high-end location at a reasonable price.

The outdoor courtyard guarantees a gorgeous ceremony. Full of lush gardens, beautiful fountains, and exquisite architecture, the courtyard is a fantastic place for outdoor ceremonies and receptions. If indoor weddings are more your style, the club has luxurious halls and ball rooms to accommodate. This comes in handy if the planned outdoor ceremony where to get rained out, it is Florida after all and this does happen. It’s always a great idea to choose a venue with a backup plan.

The Strand has their own team of chefs, servers, and cleanup crews to accommodate the reception. There are great photo opportunities no matter where you happen to be when at the club.

It’s always a dream shooting there. It’s beautiful and their team is helpful. They handle weddings consistently so they are pros.

If you’re looking for a wedding venue in Naples, FL we would strongly recommend checking out the club at the Strand. It’s a gorgeous location with full indoor and outdoor locations to satisfy luxury with a southern charm.

The Club at the Strand

The Club at The Strand
The Club at The Strand